Mary (Flynn) Shinnick


Life Enthusiast


Name: John Shinnick
From: High Legh, Cheshire
Date: 12 January 2000

Comments:   Good evening to all Shinnicks.

I am sad to say that today marks the passing of Mary Shinnick, born Mary Flynn on 22 May 1930, Ardmore, Waterford. She came to England for a fortnight and stayed for 22 years, but still managed to fit another 22 years in Ireland at the end. She wss a person interested in the world - walked on the Great Wall of China, ballooned over the Serengeti and played golf whenever she could. We will miss her, but will keep the memories. She had 2 visits to the internet and was in the process of getting wired to surf. You have all missed a treat!!

Fond regards from a daughter and 2 sons,



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