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Shinnick Family Trees dated from c1800 in Ireland and c1650 in Germany flowing to the United States, England, Canada, and Australia with maps, bios, history and more.... This website is presented to all living Shinnick descendants in the hope that it will allow us to know each other better and that people in the future will continue the good work started by Helen Frances Shinnick.
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The site will always be a work in progress. In the Michael Shinnick / Elizabeth Forest line I have an outline listing just under 1200 names out to the seventh generation .  Much of the information comes from books that my aunt, (Helen Frances Shinnick) created and submitted to the Library Of Congress .  The History of the Shinnick name comes from these books and information found at the Lynn Public Library. I have all her working papers and have been adding data as I receive it.
For security reasons, data has been omitted from this site for entries of most living persons. Anyone with a valid interest can ask for additional information by contacting me .  Help with filling in missing, incomplete or incorrect data will be greatly appreciated. - Tom
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Note: All entries are reviewed prior to posting.

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My Shinnick Line - IR>US

 (Tree IR>US-01)   Michael    Shinnick (c.1800) & Elizabeth Forest IR>MA & WI    Aug 20, 2008
History of the Surname "Shinnick" Richard Shinnick's Obituary
Helen Shinnick's Bio Map of County Cork, Ireland
Michael And Mary O.'s Bio Map showing Ballycatoo (Townland)
Library of Congress Book List Blazon Of Arms
Mother's Day Poem for Mary O. Most probable, Coat Of Arms
Michael's GGGG.Grandchildren    Aug 3, 2003 Where the Shinnicks are located Oct 23, 2000
A Sample of Helen's Poems   Aug 7, 2001 About the webmaster   Dec 11, 2001

Other US Shinnick Genealogies - IR>US

(Tree IR>US-02) James (Jacobum) Shinick (c.1800) & Margaret Abbot IR>MA    Dec 19, 1999
(Tree IR>US-03) Edward D Shinnick (c.1800) & Unknown Spouse IR>NY>KY    Oct 27, 2003
(Tree IR>US-04) John Shinnick (c.1800) & Mary Dill IR>WI    Oct 25, 2005
(Tree IR>US-05) John Alton Shinnick & Floretta Goodall IR>MI    Sep 20, 2001
(Tree IR>US-06) William Shinnick (1840) & Mary Allen IR>KY    May 26, 2000
(Tree IR>US-07) Edward Shinnick (c1850) & Ellen O'Keefe IR>NJ    Nov 6, 2003
(Tree IR>US-08) Dennis Shinnick (c1816) IR>MA>WI    Oct 13, 2000
(Tree IR>US-09) Michael Shinnick (c1820) IR>NY    Jan 3, 2002
(Tree IR>US-10) William Shennick (c1820) IR>MI    Nov 12, 2001

US / Canadian Shinnick Genealogies - IR>US>CAN

(Tree IR>US>CAN-01)  Jeremiah Shinnick (c1780)  Jan 7, 2000 
(Tree IR.>CAN-02)  Patrick Shinnick & Elizabeth Cana (c1800)   July 20, 2001
(Tree IR>CAN-03)   James Shinnick & Johanna Sexton (c1800)   July 31, 2001

Australian Shinnick Genealogies - IR>AU

(Tree IR>AU-01)  James Shinnick (c.1800) & Catherine Sheehan   Nov 29, 1999
(Tree IR>AU-02)  Unknown Shinnick (c.1800) & Catherine Sinnett   Nov 7, 2001
(Tree IR>AU-03)  Thomas Shinnick (c.1810) & Julia Murphy    Jul 12, 2000

British Shinnick Genealogies - IR>UK

(TreeIR>UK-01) William Shinnick (c.1850-1875)  Feb 4, 2000

A German Connection - DE>US

(Tree DE>US-01) Descendants of Georg Schoneck (c.1650)DE>US,PA>MD   Mar 29, 2000

Missing Persons

To be connected - Shinnicks  Jun 21, 2005 LDS Records for 1600-1800   Dec 29, 1999

Immigration Lists

Ellis Island Arrivals   Dec 23, 2001

Social Security - Death Records

Alfaretta Shinnick - Guy Shinnick Harry Shinnick - Miriam Shinnick
Nancy Shinnick - Willy Shinnick

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