Helen's Poems - A Sample

Showers and Tears

Sometimes He sends us
  The showers,
To cleanse the earth -
  And brighten the flowers;
So also, does he send us
  Our tears,
To cleanse, refresh, and
  Release pent-up fears.

To My Osteopath

Expertly and smoothly
  He corrects,  he kneeds,
My flaming muscles - -
  My anguished nervy needs -
Sincerely appreciated - -
  Tho he's seldom told -
Cheers to a good honest Doc !
  More precious than gold !

To Brother Joe

Father and protector
  Down thru the years,
Guiding and comforting
  When they shed tears.
Gently administering
  When they were ill,
Patiently there,
  Their needs to fill.
Quieting their fears,
  In times of stress,
With capable, fatherly

To His Wife Eileen

Mother and Den Mother
  Night and day,
Serving and helping
  In every way.
Offering fresh
    Challenging ideas,
Molding the minds,
  Thru the years.
Hopefully, His blessings
  Will shower on you,
Lessening your cares
  To a very few.

To a Newborn Girl's Parents

Dear Mummy and Daddy,
  Here I be,
The little girl
  You hoped to see:
A bit of earth
  A bit of sun,
A bit of stardust,
  A bit of fun.
Teach me, guide me,
  Help me - to be,
The kind of girl
  You want me to be.

To a Traveling Friend

A little bird whispered -
  Softly to me,
That you're about to trip -
  Across the sea.
May each of your days be -
  Pleasant and bright,
And all of your hopes -
  Turn out just right.
May He love and bless you
  Each morning and night,
And always keep you
  Under His light.

To John Leo

J ohn, as older brothers
  To sisters oft might,
O ffer hard-learned bits -
  Remembered tonight.
H ansome and guifted
  Tho he new not,
N ow, with God
  We loved him a lot.

To The Window Washing Man

Our sunshine man -
  Came again today,
I'm sure his task will -
  Brighten our day.
By letting the sun -
  Come shining thru,
He's helping us see,
   And our attitudes too !

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