Richard Shinnick

The Story of Richard Shinnick. (1829-1874)

Received from the ggg-grandaughter of Johanna Desmond, Julie Pickering.

Richard Shinnick arrived ( in Austrailia) on the Marco Polo in 1862. He died October 18,1874 and is buried in the Mansfield Cemetary. His headstone was erected by Johanna - his wife, it does not apear that she was buried with him.

From: Mansfield Historical Society Inc.
P.O. Box 309 Mansfield, Vic 3722.

Mansfield Shire Rates 1871-72.

Richard Shinnick
Labourer 40 acres Government owned property Dueran (Parish).

Obituary - Mansfield Courier October 24th 1874.

"A fatal accident occurred on Sunday afternoon to Mr. Richard Shinnick, a farmer, of the Broken River. The particulars, so far as can be ascertained, appear to be that Shinnick was riding a young horse, and in his endeavours to turn in another horse that was on the farm, his head was driven with great force against a tree. He was taken up insensible and conveyed to his house, but never rallied, and expired on Monday night. The deceased had been for some years employed by Mr. R. G. C. Duff, at Maindample Park, and was always found trustworthy and industrious. He was a resident in this district about twelve years, was a very strong powerful man, about 45 years old, and leaves a wife, but no children. Some idea may be formed of the concussion when it is stated that a large piece of the bark was knocked off the tree where the head came in contact. The funeral took place on Thursday, and was followed by a number of the residents, also the members of the St. Patrick's Society in their regalia, to which body he belonged."

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