Shinnick Genealogy

Reprint of article by E. Polk Johnson


HISTORY OF KENTUCKY AND KENTUCKIANS, E. Polk Johnson, three volumes,
Lewis Publishing Co., New York & Chicago, 1912. Common version, Vol. III,
pp. 1206. [Shelby County]

EDWARD DANIEL SHINNICK, proprietor and editor of the Shelbyville Record,
Shelbyville, Kentucky, has gained a reputation, no only as an excellent
man to conduct a newspaper as a disseminator of news, but as an active
participator in every effort to advance the interest of the community. A
few words concerning the life and career of the present proprietor of the
Shelbyville Record, will be of interest to the readers of this history.
     Mr. Shinnick was born in Shelbyville, June 1, 1854, and is the son of
William and Alice (Casey) Shinnick, the father being a native of Troy, New
York, and the mother of county Cork, Ireland.  The grandfather was Edward
Daniel Shinnick, a native of Ireland, who as an emigrant settled at Troy,
New York, where he lived the balance of his life.  His son, William
Shinnick, came to Shelbyville in 1849, and was a carriage-maker, which
business he followed until within a few years of his death, which occurred
in May, 1892, his wife's death having occurred in February, 1888.
     At Dodd's High School, Shelbyville, Edward D. Shinnick of this sketch
finished his education, and then followed the carriage-making business
until 1886, when he entered the newspaper business as local editor and
business manager of the Shelbyville Sentinel, afterward purchasing a half
interest in that paper, his partner being T. F. Pointer until March, 1898,
when the Sentinel was sold to C. M. Lewis.  From that time on for two
years, Mr. Shinnick was bookkeeper for the Shelbyville Water and Light
Company and also as a side business engaged in a farming venture.  From the
fall of 1900, he was a commercial traveler from Louisville until February,
1902, when he returned to Shelbyville and bought the Shelbyville Record,
which he has been conducting ever since with signal success, having kept
abreast of the times and adding materially in other interests.  For a
number of years he was secretary of the Shelby County Democratic committee.
In 1896 he became a Gold Standard Democrat and was relieved from his
position as secretary of the committee.  He was president for nearly two
years of the Eighth District Publishers' League and is now chairman of the
executive committee of the Kentucky State Press Association.
Mr. Shinnick married Miss Mollie Sullivan, of Shelbyville, and they have
four sons: William C., Frank B., Edward D., Jr., and Charles L.  Mr.
Shinnick belongs to the Knights of Columbus and in religion is a member
of the Roman Catholic church.

Shinnick Casey Pointer Lewis Sullivan
NY Ireland

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